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Instant Gas Water Heater Advantages

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The Top Five Reasons to Go Instant

"How can I save money," is often the first thought we have before making a home improvement purchase. If you're in the market for a water heater, then you're in for a pleasant surprise. 

instant gas water heaters provide many advantages for your home, including monthly savings! Here are the top ten reasons to go  instant! What is a instant gas water heater?

Gas Water Heater Savings

Trying to save a little green? Do so in two ways - conserve the environment and your wallet! A  instant gas water heater can save you a considerable amount of cash each month with an 80% efficiency rate and 82% recovery rate.

You can save up to 50% with on-demand gas water heaters!

Since there are no tanks, there is no water to continuously keep warm or re-heat. Of course, these rates will vary depending on the make and model, but you can be sure they are closer, or even better, than you expect.

This energy savings translates into cash savings, plus it reduces your carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is calculated by dividing the amount of energy used by the number of people in your home.

For instance, a household of two (in California) that spends $200 per month on electricity and $60 a month on gas will have created a household carbon footprint of 0.80 metric tons of CO2 - in just one month! Not to mention a pretty hefty price tag.

With a  instant gas water heater, you'll have hot water when you need it, without any thermal heat loss (waste), and at a lower operational cost. Imagine the savings when the general cost of electricity is $0.12 per kilowatt an hour and natural gas at $0.50 per therm.

Unlimited Hot Water with a Instant Gas Water Heater

Without the hassle of storage there is no shortage of hot water for you. The  instant gas water heater or  instant electric water heater works on-demand. You won't have to "prep" by waiting for the tank to heat up since hot water is instantly made available.

The luxury of a hot shower -for the whole family - without waiting all night long is a big benefit for most households. A gas water heater supplies an endless amount of hot water with the same reliability as your cold water delivery.

A single gas water heater is ideal for heating a full-sized standard home of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Living larger? The answer is simple - get two! The price itself is efficient for larger homes, costing roughly $450 for a good gas water heater versus $600.

Cleaner Water with a Instant Gas Water Heater

The tank-free gas water heater will supply you with cleaner water than an ordinary water heater. Water heater tanks can become rust and worn down with unwanted hard mineral deposits. The older your tank is, the worse shape it will be in.

You probably haven't even considered the condition that the water you use to bathe and cook with. After all, it's not as though you can use x-ray vision to peer inside, yet the truth is likely to be unappealing.  A non-starter with a gas water heater. However, hard water scale forms most readily in periods of extended heating. The interior can become quite disgusting, as well as dangerous is you live in an older home with older pipes (some containing traces of lead)!

The  instant gas water heater boils and heats as the freshly piped water passes through without allowing water to sit and stale. Perhaps you've gone to have a shower after you've already cleaned dishes, washed laundry, and bathed your child.

You enjoy sixty seconds of hot water and suddenly - zap - you're struck with ice cold furry. This water hasn't had a chance to be heated properly, leaving you exposed to microorganisms, deposits, and rust.

For healthier, cleaner water a  instant electric water heater or gas water heater is a smart choice.

A Instant Gas Water Heater will Save Space

In many cases, a  instant water heater can be installed just about anywhere in the home. Traditional water heaters  must be kept in a specially made closet, but a gas water heater without a tank allows you or an architect to freely design the space.

Many models of the gas water heater - or even better, an electric  instant water heater - are compact and easy to install. Some units areas small as 1/3 the size. You will enjoy flexibility not previously had and have no problems hauling away big, bulky tanks. In addition, today's  instant gas water heaters are engineered with the latest technology, making them smaller, lighter, and even stylish. Most have a minimalist design that won't distract from your household decor - it may even compliment it!

Electric and gas water heaters can be mounted onto the wall, too, so you open up space. Their slim size do not pose a walking hazard, either. In fact, did you know that many are so conveniently engineered as to be only five pounds?

The space you save is remarkable.

A Instant Gas Water Heater Lasts

Once again, we return to the subject of saving money. You'll be pleased to hear that in addition to operational costs, a  instant gas water heater is also, generally speaking, longer lasting. Less replacements, maintenance, and the hassle of hauling the old one away are favorable qualities in a home necessity.

If you care about the environment, this will also result in less material waste dumped into landfills. Sure, the sheet-metal exterior is recyclable, but the system in which to do it is quite costly and there are few places that do so.

Reducing replacements (a win-win for you and the Earth) is best. Without extended periods of heating water (via a holding tank) the tank-free gas water heater does not suffer from scale build-up; thus, increasing efficiency and elongating life expectancy.

A conventional water heater will typically last for six years up to 12 years tops. And this is considering residential applications only! You can expect considerably less from commercial uses.

By comparison, a  instant water heater - both a gas water heater and electric water heater - can last for more than 20 years! A sure investment for you and the value of your home. Accordingly, these units are often accompanied by longer, better warranty coverage.