Home Support

Our company is customer oriented and focus on providing prompt and full range service to our customers. Our target is support customers to solve all of their problems happen during they run our machine. We will keep improving our service system and keep our customers satisfied. If you have any problem or suggestion, please feel free to let us know.

Our Aboard Service Policies:
Ⅰ. Our warranty period of whole machine is one year;
Ⅱ.During warranty period, as for the products quality problem, the replacement components will be free of charge, but our staffs’ traveling expense, daily accommodation, dining, transportation compensation will be paid according to our standard; 
Ⅲ. As for the problems happen out of warranty period, or caused by wrong operation or repair without authorization during warranty period, we will collect our service charges as below:

Our repairmen can claim reimbursement based on their round-trip ticket, and the ticket can be sent to you when our repairman returns. Our repairman's accommodation compensation will be calculated from the date of departure from the company to the date of completion of the renovation, and may apply for reimbursement in accordance with the company's regulations.
(USD 25 per day for food and 45 dollars per day in dormitories 45 USD) Each machine costs 50 to 150 U.S. dollars for repairs and a daily work allowance of 50 dollars for each maintenance staff.